Pizza in the Sky

While it pales in comparison to New Jersey pizza, Okinawa does have several pizza joints.  We had some pizza Okinawa-style at a restaurant aptly called Pizza in the Sky.

The restaurant is located on Motobu Peninsula, nearby the Nakijin castle where we went cherry blossom hunting.  It was a challenge getting to the restaurant, as it involved weaving through some steep, narrow roads.  I was certain we were on a one-way road because it didn't seem physically possible for another car to squeeze past us, but Fred assured me it was indeed two-way.  Fortunately, we didn't encounter any cars going the opposite direction.  Just some random dogs running around.

When we got to the top of the hill where the restaurant is located, we were rewarded with an amazing view.  Unfortunately, the weather was overcast, but I can imagine sunsets on a good day are breathtaking.

You wouldn't realize it was a pizza place by looking at the restaurant.  The interior was Japanese-style with floor seating.  Great views of the ocean all around. 

Along with some side dishes, you can either order a vegetable pizza or a meat pizza.  We had salad, veggie pizza and tea.  Ever eaten pizza with chopsticks before?  I have.


  1. yes! corn on pizza! Corn is the most popular Dominican pizza topping. I turned up my nose at first, then I tried it. It works. -Colleen

  2. Though I'm partial to greazy Jersey boardwalk pizza (Um, giant Sawmill slice anyone???), that Japanese pizza looks pretty damn good in a very non-pizza-y way. I can't even imagine how you managed to eat it with chopsticks...

    BTW, you're much better at blogging than my brother... :)


  3. Yes, corn on pizza is surprisingly good. And you use the chopsticks as more of a pizza support while you shovel it into your mouth with your hand. It definitely wasn't greazy enough!