Paris in Okinawa

Today we had a little slice of Paris in Okinawa. 

Friends of ours recommended a place for fresh, locally-grown produce just north of our house.  When we went to check it out, we found a parisian-style bakery upstairs called Boulangeries Cafe de Paris.  C'est magnifique!

They had an assortment of fresh pastries, pies and cakes.  It looked like you could order other items from the kitchen too, but we just picked out some yummy-looking pastries and ordered some coffee.  I selected what I thought was a chocolate-filled pastry.  Turns out it was filled with beni imo, the multi-purpose purple Okinawan sweet potato.  I've seen it used a lot in sweets here.  There's even a beni imo ice cream.  Although not chocolate, it was still delicious.   

Fred proudly (and slowly) translated a sign next to our table that said we could get coffee refills for only 100 yen.  It's a major accomplishment when you can figure something like this out. 

The produce shop downstairs was also excellent.  Everything was locally grown and priced very well.  The flowers for sale were also beautiful.  In addition, they sold some touristy odds and ends, and prepared foods from various venders.  I'm glad we were introduced to this place. 

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  1. OHHHHH How I do LOVE bread products :) mmmmmm