Nakijin Castle

With cherry blossom season lasting only a brief time, we had to go back for more before they were gone.  This time we ventured further north to the Nakijin castle site.

The Nakijin castle is located high atop the Motobu Peninsula with beautiful views of the ocean and surrounding valley.  Archeologists estimate the castle was built around the end of the 13th century.  Many wars and typhoons later, only the stone wall remains.  Items that have been excavated from the site over the years are on display at the museum next door.

Planted much more recently on the castle grounds are beautiful cherry blossom trees.  While the weather was uncooperatively rainy and windy, the blossoms were still breathtaking.  A slippery stone path led us through the expansive castle grounds dotted with cherry blossoms and other beautiful greenery.  It appeared the castle was designed on different elevations, with the highest level reserved for the King.  I must say, it's good to be King with that view of the ocean.    

If you can tolerate even more photos of Okinawan cherry blossoms, click here.

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