Vampires Beware

If I ever fear there is a vampire lurking about Okinawa, I now have a refuge, and it involves lots and lots of garlic.

Fred and I heard about a restaurant in town that specializes in all things garlic.  While the restaurant is named Arin Krin, most Americans simply refer to it as the Garlic House.  I felt pretty optimistic about this place.  I also felt confident when we pulled up and saw the exterior of the restaurant covered in graffitti-style cartoon garlic heads.  How could it be bad?

It was obvious when we walked in that this place was popular with Americans.  In fact, I think there was only one table of Japanese in the whole, garlicky place.  It was also obvious this place was serious about garlic from the aroma wafting about.  Definitely vampire-proof.

The menu was a mix of western and Japanese cuisine, all with garlic of course.  We went a little crazy and ordered four different dishes to try: garlic potatoes, garlic pasta, garlic pizza and garlic eggplant with tofu.  Holy garlic!  If you don't care for garlic, you would be disgusted with this establishment.  I, on the other hand, could have moved in and stayed for awhile.

A little bonus entertainment for the evening was Fred's trip to the bathroom.  When he came back, he was laughing and told me I had to go to the bathroom.  So I did, and took his picture.

As you can see, this bathroom wasn't exactly designed with people of Fred's height in mind.  Despite the vertically-challenged bathroom, I'm sure Fred and I will be back for some garlic delights.  

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