Pancakes and Castles

Of all the things I imagined I would experience in Japan, a pancake place did not make the list. But sure enough, there is a restaurant called the Pancake House just a few yards away from our house. I noticed the signs pointing down the street for the Pancake House on my first day here. I thought perhaps it would be some crazy Japanese twist to pancakes. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they have real, delicious, fluffy pancakes just like back home! The place is very small and the women who work there speak English pretty well. The menu has a variety of different pancakes (banana, berries, chocolate chip, etc.) and also had eggs and sausage listed. I had the chocolate chip pancakes and Fred had the rum raisin pancakes. The Pancake House is a suitable replacement for my old favorite breakfast place in Jax Beach.

After stuffing myself with pancakes worthy of being called dessert, Fred and I went to check out the Cape Zampa area. The cape is a beautiful area of Yomitan (our town) that juts out into the ocean with a lighthouse. The cliffs seemed to be a popular place for local fisherman and the perfectly curved waves just past the cliffs were popular with surfers. The area was nice. Across the street we stumbled upon a petting zoo with assorted goats and things. I learned how to say goat in Japanese. We finished up the tour by driving to the nearby Zakimi castle ruins. There is not much left but the castle wall after centuries of wars. Pretty views of the town and ocean from atop the wall. There was also a nice park in the area. I think next time we'll ride our bikes up there and explore some more.


  1. So, you have me on the edge of my seat, how do you say "goat" in Japanese?

    Your sister Carol

  2. Excellent question. "Yagi" is goat in Japanese. I also learned how to say "petting zoo" in Japanese, but I forget that now.